Here are some anti-glossy articles written by other authors:


Youtube video that demonstrates shortcomings of Apple MacBook Pro glossy screens. Notice the presenter suggested getting earlier generation Macs, rather than a new one. Apple Marketing VP, take note.

Another Youtube video showing the disadvantages of Apple MacBook Air glossy screens

Another Youtube video showing the disadvantages of Apple iMac glossy screens


Matte Matters by Rob Griffiths at

Restoring the Matte Screen by Rob Griffiths at

Which screen to choose: glossy or matte? by C.K. Sample, III at

R.I.P. Apple matte screen displays by Jason D. O’Grady & David Morgenstern at

And We All Shine On by John Siracusa at ArsTechnica

MacBook Pro Glossy vs. Matte FIGHT!

The Pros and Cons of the Glossy Screen by Michelle Delio at

Rob Galbraith praises new Mac screens except for glossy disadvantage

MacPolls shows that 44% prefer matte vs 32% that prefer glossy

Arstechnica: 86% prefer matte

Chris Pirillo prefers matte screens and 65% of his readers prefer matte

This online article about matte vs glossy has an online poll where currently (as of June 2009) 75% prefer matte

ZDNet article entitled, Why glossy screens don’t work in notebooks

Health and safety considerations when using Apple Mac glossy screens published by the Queensland University of Technology

Matte vs. Glossy Debate Heats Up: Are Glossy Displays a Health Hazard?

Oh no, It’s glossy – Anandtech review of the all-glossy MacBook Pros

Apple’s glossy screens may cause injury

Poll at Lenovo blog shows that 86% prefer matte

Do you hate the glossy screen

Mac laptop glossy screens hazardous to your posture

24″ Cinema Displays Get a Notable No Confidence Vote

Office Ergonomics Training: A Dozen Things You Should Know about Eyestrain

COMPUTERS AND VISION – The article recommends anti-glare screens

Computer Vision Syndrome – the article refers to the deleterious effects of glare and reflections


2 Responses to “Anti-Glossy Links”

  1. 1 macmatte
    June 14, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    The Queensland University of Technology has published health and safety considerations for Apple Macintosh glass or high gloss monitor screens.

    The article is found at this website:

    In the above article, the Queensland University of Technology recommends: “Consider the purchase of other types of monitors which are not high gloss.”

  2. June 15, 2009 at 12:37 pm

    Apple give us Notebooks that deserve the extension Pro

    Background (Preamble):
    Apple Inc. produces great products and their overall quality is great. Although the last updates of their professional notebook line were not satisfying for many professional users.
    We, the signers of this petition, want Apple Inc. to review their product policy regarding the 15 inch MacBook Pro line and to reintroduce the following features:

    – Option for matt displays as of 17 inch model

    – The removed ExpressCard/34 Slot

    In addition the following features would be appreciated:

    – More up-to-date connectors like eSATA

    – User removable battery (suggested by signers)

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